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Order gas from your home at the touch of a button

Know which cylinders need exchanging from phone or computer

The future of LPGas/Electronic Cylinder regulation

Transform standard Clesse CompacTR auto-changeover regulator (ACOTR) into an electronic hybrid.

The electronic device slots into the back of the regulator and using the dedicated application you will achieve more efficiency, remote monitoring and convenience from the comfort of home or managing holiday and residential park locations.

Putting you in control of your LP Gas Cylinder supply

Full featured Ti Smart App

Connecting your Clesse product to mobile or tablet devices couldn’t be simpler when using the CompacTI App.
Featuring an extensive application suite that allows possibilities to manage cylinders more effectively and conveniently

Order Gas Directly from your home to the supplier

Reduce the amount of Gas returned to the supplier when you "think" the cylinders are empty

The CompacTi system roadmap

LPG automatic regulator monitoring system Compacti

The CompacTi system roadmap

LPG cylinder monitoring solution

Download our handy leaflets to your device

Holiday & Residential Park Operators and Owners

Lpg cylinder monitoring

LPG Cylinder suppliers & Gas companies

Lpg cylinder monitoring

Multi purpose customer information leaflet

Lpg cylinder monitoring

Gas Bottle Monitoring from home

CompacTi is the remote LPG cylinder monitoring solution by Clesse Industries, allowing customers to view by Bluetooth within 100mtrs, the status of their LPG gas cylinders, and know when to order gas via the CompacTi application without the need to do a physical gas bottle check.

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