The wide bore design and Ultraset non-return valves, provide silent operation and fast reset, having no plasticiser material in contact with LPG helping to minimise oil contamination in downstream equipment. Armoured with additional braiding and coated with UV stabilised PVC outer sleeve, this hose is designed and constructed for use with LPG cylinders in accordance to BS6891, BS5482 and UKLPG CoP24.

Markings on Hose
DN –    Nominal inside bore diameter
PN –    maximum operating pressure in bar
MM/20XX – Date of manufacture

Clessinox high pressure hoses are rated 5kgh/70kwh, providing low pressure loss and full capacity even at cylinder pressures as low as 0.5bar, ensuring effective LPG cylinder usage.

Service life – Clesse recommends replacement at 10 years, however if there are no signs of visible deterioration, damage to hose or leakage at the connections and along its length, then lifespan can be extended*. Clesse recommends that the hose is inspected regularly and at cylinder exchange.
*if service and environmental conditions allow.

Use the clear line on the PVC outer sheath to ensure the product is not subjected to twisting or torsional forces. Torque can occur upon installation or when the hose is in use. Never support weight from the hose, or bend further than the minimum bend radius of 50mm.