Clessinox Flexible Stainless Steel Hose is the NEW modern alternative to meet the requirements of BS6891:2015 and is optimized for low pressure loss, supplied in two diameters, and conforms to standard BS EN ISO 10380


Metallic Flexible Hose meeting requirements
of BS6891 : 2015 & manufacturing standards BS EN ISO 10380

Available sizes
½” Male x 15mm Compression DN12 or DN16, With or without Testpoint
½” Male x 22mm Compression DN12 or DN16, With or without Testpoint

  • NEW LPG Installation standard BS6891: 2015 – The specification for installation
    and maintenance of low pressure pipeworkclessinox5
  • Installations within scope of BS6891:2015 standard require a flexible hose downstream of the regulator to be armoured in order to resist against rodent attack
  • Rubber hose without armoured protection no longer meets the requirements of BS6891:2015

Clessinox is a stainless steel convoluted walled hose covered with a protective UV stabilised PVC outer sleeve, providing a durable, flexible solution in gas installations and an alternative to rubber and rubber armoured hose. Specifically designed for use with LPG and Natural Gas in accordance to BS 6891:2015, BS 5482 and UKLPG COP.

Markings on Hose
DN –    Nominal inside bore diameter
PN –    Maximum Operating Pressure in bar (0.5bar is 500mb)
MM/20XX – Date of Manufacture, Month / Year
Pd –    Pressure differential rating – pressure drop expected from
the hose per 1mb in kW per metre (2 bends in pipework)

Clessinox is marked with the expected pressure drop and aids the installer to ensure the installation meets the 2mb pipework maximum permissible pressure drop requirements of BS6891.

i.e. a 1.2m hose using Clessinox DN16 at 70kw/metre/1mb will have a Pd of 1.2mb. Using the same hose at a reduced 50kW, pressure drop is calculated as 1.2 x (50/70) = 0.85mb.

Service life – Normally 10 years depending on installation and use conditions see the Clesse website for further installation recommendations – all hoses should be checked regularly and replaced if damaged or leaking.

Installation: Do not exceed minimum bend radius of the hose:  DN12 – 50mm  DN16 – 70mm

When installing, visually use the yellow line to ensure hoses are not twisted or subjected to torsional forces. Torque can occur upon installation or when the hose is in use, never support weight from the hose – inspect regularly.